jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011


I don't hay any special reason to write this in english, but i want to do it.

Maybe i'm doing it because i am shame on my feelings, i am shame of feeling jealous because now you are doing it better, i am jealous because you are sharing yourself with another guy that's not me... Maybe that's the reason why i public this in another language...i don't know...and i really don't care.

Sincerely, i wish you well, i think you deserve the best things of our world...maybe, as you said, he is not the best for you...but i am sure that you will find the special one for you, and you will be happy by his side.

Be carefull whit this one, and give me a call if you need something from me =)

P.D. I hope i'll see you in Telde's Carnival Parade...

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